Personal Protection and Dating

Dating Tips and Personal Protection

There are many things to consider when you are going out on a date. Many women go on blind dates all of the time and they don’t realize they are hours away from being raped when they could have seen the signs, used personal protection products, and done things differently.

Dating is when you first get to know someone. It is common for most people to know nothing about their date the first few times they go out. They are in vulnerable situations. The first few dates are often when rapes and attacks occur. How are you supposed to get to know someone if you don’t go on a date?

One of the ways you can make your night safer is to suggest a double date situation. This will allow you to go with one of your friends that you are comfortable with. If your new date doesn’t agree or refuses then you may not want to go out with the guy. He should understand it is a safety thing.

Body Language

You should always pay attention to the body language of a date. When you are out on a date and he appears to get angry quickly or agitated at the little things these should be signs that you may be in danger. The body language is usually there and women do not see it until after it is too late.

There are self defense products that you can purchase to protect yourself from harm. These products include pepper spray, tasers, mace, stun guns, and more. All of these items are non lethal and they will disable a person for a short period of time but long enough so you have the opportunity to get away. These types of devices used for self defense may save your life.

When you go out on a date you need to find out personal information about him. If he doesn’t want to share information with you then you should be leery. You should ask things about him like where he works, if he is online with networking sites, where he lives, if he was previously married, etc. The Internet is your friend when it comes to researching people and you can learn a lot about someone by using the net. Always research someone before you go out with them. It would be devastating to find that the guy has women all over the web blogging about how he hurt them or did something to them and you didn’t see the warnings until it was too late.

Be Prepared

When you are considering dating or you have a daughter that is dating there are many things you can do to be safe and provide personal protection. You should arm yourself with a self defense device and know how to use it. You may even consider a small GPS device so your friends know where you are during the date, consider a double date, and find out as much information about him as possible. You might see warning signs that will save your life if you are looking for them.

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