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How To Use a Kubaton

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The Kubaton is one of the easiest self defense weapons to use you will ever find.

The Kuboton is most effective when you aim for the bony parts of the body as these provide the most pain. However, the Kubaton can be not as effective if aimed at the fleshier areas of the body. What everyone should do with the kuboton is go into attack mode without thought to exact strike placements. You do not always have the luxury of taking aim at particular body parts so you do what you can as quickly as you can to inflict as much damage as possible.

Always remember, there is no right or wrong strike. Even a fleeting blow to sensitive areas, such as where the nerves lie close to the bony surfaces, could be enough to stop your attacker.

But, spend a few minutes looking at the below illustration we have put together that highlights the most effective strike areas when you have to use your Kubaton. You will automatically remember this chart if the need ever arises.

pressure points

The kuboton is best used as your everyday keychain. This will actually improve the capabilities of the Kubaton as your keys being attached to it make for a great weapon as well. You could easily grasp the kuboton in your hand and swing the keys towards an assailant's face where it would cause the most damage.

This small self defense "keychain" is always at your fingertips and most people will not notice it for what it really is – an effective self defense weapon that has the ability of saving your life in an attack!

Keychain kubaton